Over the past three weeks, TechCrunch, The Next Web, Betabeat, Gawker, CNET, The Telegraph (UK), VentureBeat, AllThingsD and PandoDaily have all published articles about Branch – and Business Insider has written three. Yet a single post, on MG Siegler’s personal Tumblr, has sent more traffic to our site than all of these publications, combined.

Furthermore, of the ten major publications that covered Branch only Gawker cracked the top five (in terms of referral traffic). And they didn’t even write an article about us. Gawker merely prompted their readers to have a discussion in the comments section (a tactic eerily similar to Branch), “Dear Commenters: Do You Think Web Comments Have Failed And Whose Fault Is It?

So who beat out TechCrunch, AllThingsD, and seven other professional publications? Dave Winer and Anil Dash, with posts on their personal blogs. But the real winner was Twitter, who demolished all of the above by wide margins. In short, the individuals beat the institutions – and it wasn’t even close. Personal publishing for the win!